Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo paintings such as Broken Column, Self-Portrait with Monkey, Two Fridas, Frame and several other self-portraits remain amongst the best art ever to have come from Mexico and this website introduces the best prints available from the career of Frida Kahlo. There is also great information on the artist herself. For those who are looking for Frida Kahlo paintings in other languages, please see below:

Frida Kahlo was an extraordinary personality who filled Mexican art with beautiful paintings during a turbulent but inspired career which has become more and more popular in recent years, with Kahlo achieving a strong cult status all across the world. Kahlo is best known for a series of self-portrait paintings which serve as a visual diary to her life and uncover her inward emotions which she struggled to fully control as her complex character struggled for stability. You can also buy Frida Kahlo paintings here.

Frida Kahlo self-portraits depicted the artist in a variety of moods, though normally with a seemingly pensive look. Most of her self-portraits would feature simple expressions but with complicated detail around the rest of the painting. Frida was a proud Mexican and her style of painting was very typical for this country, with bright colours the main focus in a similar way European impressionists who would value colour above anything else in their paintings.

Frida Kahlo was a revolutionary artist in many ways and this helped her popularity to rise greatily in the certain sections of society that she represented. Women respected the way her art was honest and clearly depicted female life whereas previously painters had normally given an unrealistic coverage of women with their paintings. Kahlo went beyond her health problems to produce a career which oozes creativity and strength of character which now impresses so many all over the world. You can also buy Frida Kahlo prints here.

Two Fridas

Two Fridas is an odd but inspired work by Kahlo and certainly one her best known too. It is a self-portrait featuring herself twice in different outfits in a highly memorable choice of painting. Kahlo would always find inspiration to paint herself and this would sometimes help her to overcome her own loneliness which was a common emotion that she felt throughout her life.

The troubles which are underlined within this painting and generally ignored by those who appreciate the work in the modern day, who prefer to reflect on it's originality and the beauty found within this work.

Portraits by Kahlo were broadly mixed between full length and just shoulder-up paintings where she would either concentrate on the expressions of the subject or include greater visual information on their clothing and the surrounding scenery. Many of her paintings have a great charm and style within them which combines the native approach of traditional Mexico with her own creativity and revolutionary artistic confidence.

Self-Portrait with Monkey

Self-Portrait with Monkey is one of the examples of how Frida Kahlo would carefully consider the surroundings within her self-portraits, and use these to directly affect the finished impression that were given from her own painted image. The snake and monkey included within this painting suggest a contrasting personality for Frida as well as being in touch with traditional Mexico, by placing herself within a scene of natural forestry. It is easy to see why Kahlo is loved so much within her country of birth, Mexico, when you study her paintings such as this.


Frame is another example of the detail and illustrative content which would go into portraits by this skilled Mexican painter who in this painting added charming birds into each bottom corner to finish off an elaborate frame around a portrait of the artist herself. As with previous works, there is also a focus on nature with flowers covering most of the rest of the edges of the painting, and giving the artist the opportunity to offer up her bold colour choices for which she is so well known.


Frida Kahlo Obras is one of the most popular searched online for topics related to this artist which represents how her name remains strongest within Hispanic areas of the country. For those interested in reading more about her in a language other than English, please use the foreign-language links at the top of the page, taking you to content written in European, South American and Asian languages, in addition to the English texts found on this page.

List of Frida Kahlo Paintings

The pictures and images included within this site are only examples of the great paintings from the career of Frida Kahlo, with many more listed below. Many of her greatest paintings, interestingly, were self-portraits and she was passionate about her own image and capturing that with her individual painting style.

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  • Viva la Vida
  • Tree Of Hope
  • Moses Nucleus Of Creation
  • My Dress Hangs There
  • Diego On My Mind
  • Roots Raices
  • Thinking About Death
  • Portrait Of Christina My Sister
  • The Dream
  • Recuerdo
  • Self Portrait
  • Flower of Life
  • Suicide Of Dorothy Hale
  • Ford Hospital
  • Self Portrait With Monkeys
  • Self Portrait With Necklace
  • Self-portrait in a Velvet Dress
  • Weeping Coconuts
  • Portrait Of Diego Rivera
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  • Frame
  • Frieda And Stalin
  • Magnolias
  • Dona Rosita Morillo
  • Retrato De La Senora Natasha Gelman
  • Still Life
  • Self Portrait As A Tehuana Diego On My Mind
  • Self Portrait With The Portrait Of Doctor Farill
  • Fruits Of The Earth
  • Self Portrait With Curly Hair
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